2018 Miss Greek Independence Crowned in New York

Photo by ETA PRESS

17-year-old Anna Maria Fazio was the winner of the 2018 Miss Greek Independence Competition that took place on Saturday at the Stathakio Cultural Center of Astoria, New York.

Originally from Corfu, Anna Maria charmed the judges and the audience with her knowledge, as well as the very warm words she spoke about Greece.

“My friends constantly ask me to stop talking all the time about Greece and how beautiful it is,” she was quoted as saying after the event.

Fazio, who wants to study psychology, spoke of her pride for her Greek roots.

“I am visiting Greece since was a little girl. Until I grew up, I was not aware of how important Greece was to me. I am proud to be a Greek woman.”

In the packed Cultural Center of Astoria she received her crown from the 2017 Miss Greek Independence Julia Kokkosis.

There were eight candidates altogether at the annual pageant of the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York.

They were asked to answer questions of knowledge about the significance of March 25 and the Greek Revolution.

Then they had to chose to answer questions relating to one of three categories: How could the Greek Diaspora help Greece overcome its crisis, the crises facing the world and why they are proud of their Greek heritage.