Greek Opposition Leader Courts Investment at US Treasury

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis (right) meets U.S. Treasury Under Secretary David Malpass

Main Greek opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis has sent a message to the U.S. that Greece will be the “growth surprise of Europe”.

During the second day of his visit to the U.S., New Democracy leader Mitsotakis presented a plan for attracting foreign investments and stressed that Greece’s comparative advantages are unique, “just like its human potential.”

“The only thing needed is a new government that will guarantee legal certainty and establish an attractive and, more importantly, a stable tax system,” he stated.

U.S. Treasury Under Secretary David Malpass showed particular interest in the strategic plan for the development of the economy presented by Mitsotakis, a road map for the day after the end of the bailout programme.

The debate focused on realistic reforms that could take advantage of the comparative advantages of the Greek economy and pave the way for attracting foreign investment necessary for economic recovery.

Malpass said that the U.S. is seeking economic cooperation with countries that have free markets and an open economic policy. In this context, concrete reforms, such as the reduction of bureaucracy and a stable tax system, could enhance Greece’s investment image and make it a safe business destination for foreign investors.

Mitsotakis also met U.S. Secretary of State John Sullivan to discuss Greek-U.S. bilateral relations, as well as recent geopolitical developments.

(Source: AMNA)