Joanna Kalafatis’ Stellar Photos Exhibited at Scandi-Los Showcase in LA

Aurora in TromsoGreek American travel blogger Joanna Kalafatis made it to the northernmost town of Earth, Longyearbyen, and captured some amazing photos that were exhibited at a Los Angeles showcase, called Scandi-Los, February 24.

Airbnb is helping host a series of performances and exhibits throughout the country as part of a new effort to connect travellers with local artists. Scandi-Los was one of the first LA events hosted and promoted by Airbnb, in collaboration with the B.L.A. Brand, to showcase emerging artists from LA and Scandinavia.

Joanna Kalafatis Scandi Los Artists
Joanna Kalafatis (center) and guests at the Scandi-Los showcase, photo by Polina Vinogradova

The Greek-American was also recently profiled as one of the best emerging travel bloggers in the field thanks to her unique writing and photography on her personal blog, Lose the Map.

The evening, organized by Danika Maia, included exhibits from sought-after photographers and artists in the LA and Scandinavian scene such as Polina Vinogradova, Jennica Mae, Maya Dondonyan, Avery Wheless. At the end of the night, two musical sets were performed by Sam Rolf from Sweden and LA local Fiona Grey.

Joanna’s photographs focused on her recent trip to northern Norway, specifically the Arctic destinations of Tromsø and Svalbard.

See some of Joanna’s breathtaking captures exhibited at the sold-out event in downtown Los Angeles.

To see more of Joanna’s photography, follow her at Lose the Map on Instagram.