George Andreakos Talks Acting Role in New Film ‘Sarah Q’

George Andreakos

Greek-American actor George Andreakos chatted with this Greek-American journalist about his new film “Sarah Q,” where he is cast as Detective Garcia.

“Director John Gallagher unites Sopranos stars after the show went dark,” he said. “I will be working with one of my best friends and mentor thespian Garry Pastore, who plays Detective Belson. Garry is a former Sopranos star, and he is currently on the show The Deuce, and he secured a role in a new movie. I will also be working with my best friend actor Ari Barkan who is in a movie that is coming out called First We Take Brooklyn, amongst Vincent Pastore , Tony Sirico, Federico Castelluccio, Burt Young and Sally Kirkland.”

Andreakos revealed that the filming begins on January 30, 2018 in New York City. “Although a reunion of Sopranos cast members has come to fruition, this is not a mobster movie. The director gave me the role of Detective Garcia with some dialogue in Spanish to get me out of my comfort zone and show my range as an actor,” he said.

‘Sarah Q’

On his plans for the future, Andreakos said, “I am working on a few other projects that include A-list actors but cannot discuss details at the present moment due to confidentiality agreements.”

Each day, Andreakos is motivated by his family. “My family motivates me and I want to show my kids that nothing can stop you in achieving your goals. I have been self-motivated since I was a teenager with endless energy to succeed. I love when people tell me I can’t do something since that just drives me more,” he said.

For Greek Americans that wish to become actors, he underscored the importance of being passionate about the arts. “You also have to treat it as a business. Be professional, courteous and humble,” he said.

As an actor, Andreakos uses technology in his daily routine. “I use my Smartphone to communicate with my agent via e-mail and text. I also manage my social media pages, which is very important these days,” he said.

Andreakos concluded by expressing his gratitude. “I want to say ‘thank you’ to a few people who have really helped me in my journey as a thespian. My wife and kids who support me endlessly, recite lines with me and have to listen to me rehearse over and over and over. My mom who says to me ‘Don’t give up. Keep going!’ My best friend in this journey is Ari Barkan. My great friend / Mentor / Producer Tom Bruno who has guided me with his endless wisdom.

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