Greek American Runs for California State Senate

Greek-American candidate who is originally from the island of Samos is to run for California’s State Senate.

Fresno County Supervisor Andreas Borgeas (R-Fresno) has officially announced his candidacy after winning the backing of national, state, and local supporters, including many Greek community leaders, according to his office.

Borgeas is a graduate of Georgetown Law School and served as a Visiting Fellow at the Hellenic Center for European Studies while he was a Fulbright Scholar in Greece.

Additionally, he earned a PhD in International Affairs from Panteion University in Athens.

The candidate is married to Anna and they have two young boys: Alexander and Aristides. Borgeas’ family is from Samos and his wife from Thessaloniki, yet both have made the island of Amorgos their family summer home.

“I am proud to be a Greek-American public servant,” Borgeas wrote on Facebook. “I was raised to value hard work, to respect others, invest in education and give back to community. These are fundamental values and practices needed for us to make a better tomorrow for the great State of California.”

“As a husband and father, I want to hand my two boys a better California than what we have now. That’s why I’m proud to kick off my campaign for State Senate.”