Rare Ephesus Coin to be Auctioned in New York

A rare ancient Ephesus coin is to be sold by Heritage Auctions on January 7 in New York City, with an estimated price to reach between 200,000-300,000 dollars.

The coin weighs 14.14 grams and is 23 milimeters long. It is a mix of gold and silver and is related to the god of light, Phanes (Φανός). It is one of the earliest recorded coins to bear both a type and inscription.

The statement on the front side of the coin has a meaning along the lines of “I am the symbol of Phanes” or “I am the tomb of Phanes.” It is one of the oldest coins with the Greek statement. This statement is carved on a stag that lowers its head. The deer has been identified with the god of moon and hunting, Artemis.

The coin dates back to 625-600 B.C. There are only two known similar coins in the world. One of them was sold in 2000 for 287,600 dollars, and the second one was sold in 2010 for 409,500 dollars.



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