The Most Festive Christmas House in NYC is Greek and Has 300,000 Lights!

One of the best decorated homes in New York City, belongs to a Greek, originally from Chios.

Mr. Isidoros Bilas started the amazing tradition 35 years ago, and every year people flock from all over New York at his house in Brooklyn to watch the spectacle.

The house has more than 300,000 Christmas lights, at least two Christmas trees, hundreds of festive ornaments, and a Greek flag.

“Every single ornament in here is my favourite,” he says.

Bilas, who came from Greece 43 years ago, says that all decorations are made by himself. Some have been created when he first started 35 years ago.

He says that it takes 5 weeks to decorate and it costs $5,000 in electricity for the season.

“I would buy another house with the money I’ve spent on decorations all these years,” he says.

Watch our LIVE tour of the most magnificent Christmas home in NYC:

But for the 62-year-old Greek American, it’s worth the effort: “I play with my toys and I feel like a kid again.”

Visitors to the house are encouraged to give donations for the Ronald McDonald House caring for children with cancer.

After Christmas, the decorations are stored in three different garages to wait for the next season.

“But it is all worth the effort,” Mr. Bilas says.