Racist and Dismissive Attack Against Yannis Antetokounmpo by Greek UCL Professor

Greek basketball Milwaukee Bucks player Yannis Antetokounmpo is the talk of the NBA these days and his amazing performances are celebrated by Greeks around the world.

He made Greek headlines recently when he sang the Greek national anthem along with Greek-Americans in Cleveland, after playing there with the Bucks against the Cavaliers.

A video of the event posted on Facebook warmed up Greeks all over the world. Well, not all of them, apparently, because a Greek professor working in London made a dismissive and racist attack against the “Greek freak”.

“Enough with the black guy who pretends to be Greek,” Dr. Evangelos Markopoulos wrote under the video post. “Enough is enough. We won’t forget what happened in the summer. He didn’t give a f…k about any of us, or the national team, or our flag.”

The professor was referring to Antetokounmpo’s absence from the Greek national team’s Eurobasket 2017 games last summer, when the Greek player was suffering from an injury that some thought was a pretext used by the Bucks to withdraw their player from the team’s roster days before the European tournament.

Markopoulos’ post caused an uproar by Greek social media users. The Greek female journalist who posted the video wrote: “I won’t allow you to make such remarks on my Facebook wall. The black guy pretending to be Greek? Seriously? Are you using such vile words in your classes too? I’d like to know exactly what it is you are teaching.”

Most users accused the professor of racism, with one of them writing, “are your lessons to students equally racist?”

The unrepentant professor came back with a reply. “This individual has provoked us enough. During the summer, in particular, we all saw that he didn’t give a f…k,” he wrote.

Dr. Markopoulos is a professor of London’s UCL. According to his CV, “Dr. Eng. Evangelos Markopoulos is a leading expert internationally recognized and a distinguished entrepreneur and scholar on Process and Project Engineering and Management and on Technocratic Enterprise Engineering, Innovation Management, Technology Brokerage, Technocratic Investments Management, and organizational gamification”.