Greek Man Pranked that he is ‘Looking for his Helen of Troy’

A 26-year-old Greek-born man discovered that he was pranked after a friend put in New York City subway cars a flyer with his picture on it saying he is looking for his Helen of Troy.

All of a sudden, Panos Sakoglou started receiving text messages and pictures of suitors, on his phone. He was not too happy. His girlfriend was not too happy either, when, for a while, she thought she was not his “Helen of Troy”.

“My phone started ringing and I was like, ‘What the hell is going on?’ ” Sakoglou told the New York Post.

“I had no idea why I was suddenly getting all these text messages and pictures sent to my phone,” said the math student who is working on his master’s at City College.

His suitors included a man “who wouldn’t leave me alone and telling me I should try it with a guy.”

The posters show Sakoglou’s picture and the headline reads “Greek Looking for his Helen of Troy”. It says that Sakoglou is a student from Thessaloniki looking for “someone special”, even “willing to save his mustache” if necessary.

It was all the work of his best buddy, Nick Platt.

Platt, 27, told the New York Post that he got the idea after reading a Post story two years ago about actor Dan Perino who put his own looking-for-love flyers across the city.

“I thought, that would be a good prank to play on Pavlos,” Platt said, who added that his friend studies a lot and spends most of his time at home and needed some cheering up.



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