At Least 26 Killed in Texas Church Shooting

A man opened fire on a church near San Antonio, Texas, Sunday morning, killing 26 worshipers and wounding at least 20 others.

The victims in yet another mass murder with an assault weapon range from five to 72 years old.

The gunman is also dead and there is no clue so far to his motive.

According to Texas public safety official Freeman Martin, the gunman described as a young white male dressed in black and wearing a bullet-proof vest, opened fire with an assault rifle outside the First Baptist Church and continued shooting after going inside.

Freeman said a local resident with his own rifle confronted the shooter, causing the gunman to drop his weapon and flee in his car. The citizen pursued the gunman, joined shortly by police.

Freeman said the suspect crashed the car just over the county line and was found dead in the vehicle from a gunshot wound. It is unclear if he killed himself or was shot by the citizen.

Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt says police found multiple weapons in the suspect’s car.

President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon that he was monitoring the situation from Japan, one of the stops on his five-nation Asian trip.
Sutherland Springs is 48 kilometers southeast of San Antonio.
(Source: VOA)