Donald Trump Dismisses George Papadopoulos as a Low Level Volunteer and Liar

Donald Trump has tried to distance himself from George Papadopoulos who pleaded guilty to perjury over his contacts with Russians, during last year’s US election campaign.

The president fired off a series of tweets on Tuesday, in which he publicly addressed for the first time, the indictment of his ex-advisor.

“Few people knew the young, low level volunteer named George, who has already proven to be a liar,” Trump posted on Twitter shortly after 8 am local time, adding: “Check the DEMS!”

Despite Trump’s claim that “few people knew” Papadopoulos, he himself referred to Papadopoulos as an “excellent guy”, in an interview with the Washington Post in March 2016, when he was referring to his new foreign policy team.

Later that month Trump posted a picture on Instagram captioned “meeting with my national security team” in which Papadopoulos can be seen four seats to his right.

As Greek Reporter revealed on Tuesday, Papadopoulos considered himself to be an advisor to Trump right up until December 2016; only a few weeks before the new president’s inauguration.

During a visit to Greece, Papadopoulos spoke to Greek politicians and the Greek media introducing himself as part of the “incoming team”, and an advisor to the newly-elected president.