For Greeks it’s a Difficult Day to be Named Papadopoulos

Financial Planner George Papadopoulos has the misfortune to share the same name with the former aide to the Trump campaign who has pleaded guilty to lying in the Russia enquiry.

Internet trolls lashed out on social media, taking “George Papadopoulos” to task.

And despite a Twitter handle that clearly identifies him as a fee-only financial planner, the Michigan-based George Papadopoulos had to field more than a several queries about his involvement.

As it turns out, Papadopoulos-the-planner was in Greece when the story broke.

Speaking to, Papadopoulos said that he was shocked to see his name in the news. “Especially when you see it associated with words such as indictment, felony and lying to the FBI.”

“George Papadopoulos in Greece is the equivalent of John Smith in the U.S. It is a very common name. Every one knows someone with this name”, Papadopoulos explains.

And added: “Just today while I am visiting Greece I ran into two cousins of mine with the same name. The news just hit here and I have already seen joking references such as ‘We George Papadopoulos men are so powerful we are in the White House AND the Kremlin!”