Reince Priebus Makes Public Appearance at Greek-American Event After Leaving the White House

Former White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, spoke of his love of President Trump, and vowed to continue helping him despite leaving the administration last July.

A Greek American, Priebus, was a keynote speaker at the annual Archon Weekend held in New York October 20-22.

Speaking to reporters after his speech he said: “I love the President and I am looking forward to helping him down the road.”

Priebus’ appointment as Chief of Staff made Greeks and Greek-Americans proud as the 45-year-old has roots from the island of Lesvos from his mother side.

At the Archon Weekend the 2017 Athenagoras Human Rights Award was presented to Nobel Peace Prize nominees Emilia Kamvisi and Stratos Valiamos, representing the fishermen of Lesvos and Greek islands residents.

The two were awarded for their heroic humanitarian efforts to save countless migrants from the Middle East.

Priebus described Emilia and Stratos as heroes. “To have them here is an inspiration for all of us,” he said.

“Whatever our politics, Republican or democrat, human rights and religious freedom are things that bring all Greek Americans together,” Priebus added.

The event was also attended by George Gigicos, a longtime Donald Trump aide and former White House Director of Scheduling and Advance, and George Sifakis, former director of the Office of Public Liaison.