Reporter Asks PM Tsipras About his Remark on Trump’s ‘Evil’ Ideas (video)

The President of the United States gave Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras a warm White House welcome, despite the Greek leader once calling Trump’s ideas evil.

Mr Trump praised the left wing leader; calling him a special man who was doing special things, during their press conference in the White House Rose Garden.

A reporter asked Tsipras about the remark he had made in 2016 during the US election campaign: that Mr Trump represented an “evil” set of ideas that have no place in a Western democracy.

Tsipras smiled and laughed after he was asked about his comments; prompting Trump to joke: “I wish I knew that before my speech.”

Speaking in Greek, Tsipras said that the two leaders had a productive exchange, and that he did not feel threatened at any time during their encounter.

The Greek leader said he shared “common values” with the US.


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