Greek-American a Global Leader in Rare Books

Greek-American Matthew Raptis is one of the leaders in the rare book industry worldwide, carrying more than 10,000 literary gems in his priceless collection in the Palm Beach, Florida store.
The second generation Greek-American says he is proud of his cultural heritage, Greece being the birthplace of democracy, Western intellectual life, mythology and classic literature.
Raptis’ paternal Greek lineage hails from Thessaloniki and maternal side from Chios, home of Homer’s Rock, where Homer taught his students. As Founder and Principal of Raptis Rare Books, one of Matthew’s goals is to preserve and promote Greece’s invaluable contributions to the written word and advancement of educational endeavors.
The shelves of Raptis Rare Books hold a literal (and literary) treasure of antiquarian books and over 10,000 collector’s items, such as the 1885 edition of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, selling for $16,000.
Raptis travels a lot to Greece, and has visited more than 70 countries. This way he is also able to find rare, valuable books to adorn his bookshelves. No wonder his clientele includes a Who’s Who of the world’s leading industrialists, philanthropists, authors, thought leaders,
government leaders and celebrities.