American rapper Rick Ross Immortalizes Santorini in new Song and Video

Santorini; one of two island destinations in Greece that international celebrities praise, is now the “objet du desir” of an American rapper, who wrote a song about it and shot its video on it.

Rick Ross’ album “Rather You Than Me” has won international praise from music critics as his best ever, but his low-bup song “Santorini, Greece” with its accompanying video-clip is gaining traction and causing envy by those who have yet to visit the cosmopolitan island.

Rick Ross is rapping, “Santorini, Greece with a dime piece / My money long, you know I’m out your reach” and viewers want to be on the next red-eye to the island.

To no surprise, the video is set in the song titles destination, and Ross once again shows why he’s the biggest boss. From fancy yachts to beautiful women to expensive jewelry with a bottle of Belaire Rose champagne in hand, the Miami rapper stays living his best life.