More Than Gyros: Greek Restaurants in the USA That Offer Up Authentic Mediterranean Comfort Food

There are many places in the Untied States where you can go to have a traditional home-cooked Greek meal, or as Greeks say “spitiko” food. What you might not realize is that there is much more to Greek cuisine than gyros (although they are yummy), such as a variety of meat and fish dishes, stuffed veggies of all kinds and plates of delicious beans. Let’s take a look at where you can go in different regions of the USA for some good old-fashioned Greek comfort food!

Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna in Astoria, NY

This joint is a cult favorite and is definitely on of the most rustic and authentic of all the neighborhood locales. It offers everything from an atmosphere where the patrons speak in Greek to comfort foods that every Greek knows such as cheese-stuffed peppers, zucchini patties called “kolokithokeftedes” in Greek, and saganaki cheese made of kefalograviera sheep’s-milk cheese and fried up before being served with fresh lemon wedges.

Greek Islands Taverna in Fort Lauderdale, FL

This is one of the best known Greek restaurants in Florida and is also one of the top restaurants in general in the state. It started off as a fast food joint and was converted into a taverna over a decade ago. The atmosphere is relaxed and they serve up some traditional Greek dishes (including fresh seafood) which you don’t typically see on the menu outside of Greece!

Papa Cristos Taverna in Los Angeles, CA

This popular spot is known for its rustic Greek food and a secret family spice used in all of their dishes, stop by Papa Christo for some Greek lamb and traditional “horiatiki” or Greek salad with fresh feta and veggies.

Kokkari Estiatorio in San Francisco, CA

Here you will find delicious traditional “moussaka” which is a rich, creamy baked casserole of eggplant, lamb ragout and béchamel or indulge in some grilled fresh octopus — both Greek favorites! And you can finish off your evening with a fresh piece of the baked cream dessert called “galaktoboureko” or Greek donuts called “loukoumades.”

Helen Greek Food & Wine in Houston, TX

A big part of Greek cuisine is wine. Here you will find over 120 varieties of wine imported from all over Greece decorating the taverna in racks scattered throughout creating a rustic cellar-like atmosphere. Besides their fresh seafood dishes, a popular dish is their pites, or cheese and spinach-stuffed phyllo pastries called “tiropita” and “spanakopita” in Greek.

Roditys Restaurant in Chicago, IL

Located in Chicago’s Greektown, this restaurant has been around for years, is owned by Greeks and serves up Greek dishes as well as vegetarian takes on the traditional Greek cassarole dish made of eggplant and meat called “moussaka” among others. They have everything from meat to fish as well as casseroles and soups. The atmosphere is authentic and you’ll most likely witness some flaming saganaki cheese while your dining here.