Reports: Reince Priebus Might Leave the White House; Become US Ambassador to Greece

Numerous reports are pointing towards a shuffle of senior staff at the White House, among the reported changes is current Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to be possibly named as ambassador to Greece. The whirlwind of reports come as a diversion after news of ties between Donald Trump’s campaign associates and Russia.

Many of Trump’s aides and allies told the Washington Post on Saturday that White House officials are putting forth efforts to rejuvenate the way in which the White House communicates with the public and creating impetus for the president’s agenda.

That could include more campaign-style rallies for Trump and a more behind-the-scenes role for White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

Meanwhile, It has long been speculated that Priebus could be on his way out of the White House; one of Trump’s longtime friends Christopher Ruddy had even publicly argued that Priebus “is in way over his head.”

President Trump returned to Washington on Saturday after a nine-day trip overseas.