The ‘Most Greek’ Cities in the USA

There are Greeks in abundance throughout the United States, however, there are some cities that are known for their “Greekness” — whether it’s for their statues, food or Hellenic communities. Let’s take a look at the top “most Greek” places that you can visit in the US!

1. Greektown, Detroit, MI

Known for being a popular tourists destination, this Greektown community consists of thousands of Greek families living in the area. There are wonderful Greek restaurants and a Greek church in Detroit’s Greektown and even though many founders of the Greek community have moved to the suburbs, the “Greekness” of this town still flourishes.

The Nashville Parthenon, Nashville, TN

It’s not a town or somewhere that you can go for a bite to eat, but the Nashville Parthenon is an iconic structure that was built back in 1897 for the World Fair. If the Nashville Parthenon looks familiar it is because it was built to the exact specifications of the original Parthenon!

Greektown, Chicago, IL

Chicago’s Greektown has shrunk considerably over the past couple of generations, however, the “Greekness” of Halsted Street still shows. With restaurants and the National Hellenic Museum as well as some cafeteria/bars which turn into nightclubs playing the latest Greek music on the weekends, “the Chi” still has a thriving Greektown!

Mt. Olympus Park, Wisconsin Dells, WI

It’s like a piece of Greece in “America’s Dairy Land” — that’s right, it’s Mt. Olympus Park in Wisconsin Dells! With over 300 acres to explore in this park which includes water slides and rollercoasters with Greek themes, this is a place you have to see yourself!

Astoria, New York

Astoria is affectionately known as “Greektown USA” where tens of thousands of Greeks reside and have their businesses. There are several Greek Orthodox Churches, soccer clubs and community groups that center around the Hellenic community and culture — even the graffiti is Greek!

Tarpon Springs, Florida

Tarpon Springs is like a piece of Greece in florida! The Hellenic community was founded by sponge fisherman over four generations ago and the city is very proud of its Greek roots. The entire city is Greek from start to finish — with Greek Orthodox Churches, street names, and harbor — all centered around its Greeks heritage.