Greek Tragedy ‘Antigone’ Presented by Pancyprian Association of America Cultural Division


A distinctive approach to Sophocles’ play “Antigone” was presented by the Pancyprian Association of America Cultural Division under the direction of Leonidas Loizides on Sunday April 9. The play was held at the Queens Theater in Flushing Meadows Park, Corona, New York. Numerous Greek-American organizations supported the play that was acted in English.

Soprano Anna Tsoukala, with an incredible voice, singing, accompanied by composer Gregory Christopher Papadakis Post.

“Who were they (Greeks) after all?” said Leonidas Loizides. “They were humanists! They put Man and Reason in the center of the universe. Antigone defines her behavior and is responsible for it. Creon stands against her as a guardian of the Law and warns us: he considered human justice an inextricable piece of the wider cosmic order and saw it collapse the moment he realized the position he put his child into. So, these two elements (Creon and Antigone): human power and human compassion are insolvably connected.”

Antigone was performed at the Great Dionysia festival of 442 B.C. Sophocles wrote tragedy as a response to the exile of Themistocles, the victor of the Battle of Salamis. The conflict between moral law and the law of the state reaches its peak, with the two protagonists unable to escape the tragic fate that has been decreed for them.

Creon crying over the dead body of his son, Haemon.

Hellenic Paideia of America Organization, under the leadership of President Vasiliki Filiotis, attended. “This play is of major importance in 2017,” she explained. Greek drama portrays universal values that are relevant in our time.” For more information on Hellenic Paideia of America Organization, email [email protected] and [email protected]

Cast of Antigone

Philip Christopher, President of the Pancyprian Association, Inc., explained his organization “promotes Hellenism and the Hellenic values and ideals. All our Divisions, Athletic, Women, Youth, Choir, Dance and Culture host numerous events every year to remind all of us that our heritage, culture and traditions must be cherished and protected.”

Mr. George Kitsios, President of the Greek American Homeowners Association (GAHOA) and Mr. Peter Louca, President of the Asgata Association of America attended. President Louca invites all to attend the June 25th memorial service for the fallen heroes of the 1974 Turkish Invasion at the Transfiguration of Christ Church, Mattituck, N.Y. President Louca enlightened me, a child during the Cyprus Civil War against the English Commonwealth, on the island’s liberation efforts. For more information, email [email protected].

Dr. John G. Siolas (left to right), Philip Christopher, President of the Pancyprian Association, Inc., Georgia filiotis and President Vasiliki Filiotis of Hellenic Paideia of America Organization and Peter Louca, President of the Asgata Association of America attended.

The following director, producer and actors were involved: Leonidas Loizides, Director; The Pancyprian Association of America Cultural Division, Producer; Francesco Andolfi, Assistant Director; Flavia Sgoifo, Production management & Public Relations; Gregory Christopher Papadakis Post, Composer;  Antigone, Dori Levit; Creon, Francesco Andolfi; Ismene, Flavia Sgoifo; Teiresias, Eftychia Loizides; Haemon & Sentry, Lirenzo Lucchetti; Messenger, Dori Levit; Eurydice/Voice, Anna Tsoukala; Choragos, Gary Fizer; Chorus, Andre Campbell, Julie Gaarskjaer, Anthony Martinez, Lorenzo Possanza and Ariana Wellmonety. I was impressed with the singing of Anna Tsoukala and Francesco Adolfi as a tortured Creon. For a more accurate list of performers, donors and personnel, contact Philip Christopher at [email protected].