Onassis Cultural Center's 'A World of Emotions' Exhibit Provides a Glimpse into Ancient Greece

The Onassis Cultural Center located in New York is recreating Ancient Greece for the public with its exhibit called A World of Emotions: Ancient Greece, 700 BC – 200 AD.

The exhibit is on display until June 24, 2017 with free admission. A World of Emotions puts everything on display from vase paintings, sculptures (ranging from life-size statues from the Acropolis to relief carvings from cemeteries), to theatrical masks, amulets, coins, and votive offerings, among other artifacts from the early 7th century BC (the traditional date of the Iliad) to the late 2nd century AD, according to The Onassis Cultural Center’s website.

In all, the details that have been exposed in this exhibition from the ancient Greek society all aim at bringing to life the emotions of the Greek world in antiquity.

“We cannot directly study neurobiological processes in ancient Greece. But we can see how social norms, religious beliefs, philosophical ideas, and education determined the manifestations of emotions, and how emotions in turn determined social interaction, political behavior, and religious practice. This is our gain from studying emotions in the Greek world. What we learn about emotions in one culture and one historical period helps us understand another. It sharpens our mind to reflect on our lives and our world,” Angelos Chaniotis, a well-known historian and co-curator for the exhibit said, according to artdaily.com.

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