‘The Greek Guide to Greatness’ Series Showcases the Modern World Through Ancient Past

The National Hellenic Society (NHS) announced in a press release that it is working in collaboration with National Geographic as co-producers of a ten-part series, “The Greek Guide to Greatness” (GGG).

GGG is a view of the modern world through an ancient past as the Greeks’ wisdom and knowledge unfold in a compelling way that only a partner like National Geographic can present.

The project includes further collaboration with several of the world’s leading historians, scholars, and archaeologists – who all came together to make the once exclusive past accessible and easy to understand.

Additionally, National Geographic, through its partnership with Engage Learning, will distribute GGG with accompanying curriculum and lesson plans to a host of high school and civics students in grades 8-11 nationwide.

The wisdom of the ancient Greek world is now accessible on pbs.org and nationalhellenicsociety.org.