Crowdfunding Campaign to Save Quadriplegic Nikos Bezanis’ Home

Nikos Bezanis Eight years ago Nikos Bezanis was enjoying a sunny day at a lake just north of Chicago when tragedy struck as he dove into the lake and broke his neck, subsequently suffering a traumatic brain injury that rendered him a quadriplegic for life.

As if the injuries he suffered were not enough, after fighting for his life with his family at his side, the now 28-year-old is having to endure another battle — to save his home.

Saving Nikos’ Home

Not long after his accident, Nikos’ father, a carpenter, started making modifications to his home which was contracted as rent-to-own.

His parents put the entire life-savings, over $150,000, into the modifications at Nikos’ home while his mother quit her job to look after her son who requires 24/7 care.

Now the house Nikos has been living in is being foreclosed and the landlord of the house has filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, causing a complete nullification of the $50,000 of equity he had invested in the home as part of his rent-to-own contract.

Nikos’ family has taken to crowdfunding in order to try to save his home. They need to raise $270,000 over the next few weeks and have come up with 28 percent of their goal with $75,690 raised thus far.

As of December 2, 2016, the judge overseeing the foreclosure extended the deadline to January 9, 2017. If Nikos cannot raise the funds by this deadline he will be evicted.

How You Can Help

You can check out the campaign yourself and make online donations at:

For more information about this crowdfunding campaign please contact Roula Bezanis at: [email protected] or call 708-494-4012.


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