Hillary Clinton to Push for Debt Relief for Greece


Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton released her official positions on issues that are crucial for Greek Americans and Greece, including efforts to achieve economic recovery and debt relief.

Clinton is the first of the two candidates to address issues specific to the three-million strong Greek American community. In her campaign’s position paper, released on Friday, November 4, Clinton mentions her record with Greece and Greek Americans during her time as First Lady, as U.S. Senator, and as Secretary of State.

In the campaign’s positions regarding Greek American issues, it is stated that as First Lady, Clinton had visited the Greek Orthodox Church Ecumenical Patriarchate three times, stressing that she is an advocate of religious freedom.

In regards to security in the region, Clinton stresses the important NATO alliance and friendship between the two countries and the importance of stability and security in the region. She also states that she will promote  trade and investment, and the diversification of energy resources for Europe. She is also committed to cooperate with Greece on issues such as climate change, the war against terrorism, and economic security.

On the crucial issue of the Greece’s economic recovery, Clinton stresses that she will support Greece and creditors in finding solutions through reforms and debt relief.

On the Cyprus issue, Clinton will support efforts to reach a solution to the 42-year problem, underlining the necessity “to reach a comprehensive settlement to reunify Cyprus as a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation.”

Read the full positions paper below here.