Wikileaks: Prominent Greek Americans Tried to Convince Tsipras to Accept Proposed Reforms

wikileaks-logo-01A new email released in Wikileaks shows that Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief proposed to a U.S. official the names of two prominent Greek Americans who could convince Alexis Tsipras to accept the reforms proposed by Greece’s creditors in July 2015.

Specifically, the email was sent by Jeffrey Zients — Director of the National Economic Council and Assistant to the President for Economic Policy — to John Podesta, chief of the Hillary Clinton election campaign, as an answer to Podesta proposing two persons who could convince the Greek Prime Minister to accept the creditors’ proposed bailout program.

Podesta proposed to Zients Phil Angelides and Michael Dukakis as two prominent Greek Americans who could influence Tsipras in deciding to sign the bailout deal of July 2015.

Angelides was California State Treasurer and former Democratic nominee for Governor of California. Dukakis is former Governor of Massachusetts and former Democratic nominee for U.S. President.

The two men had communicated with Tsipras and expressed their willingness to assist any way they could and mobilized the Greek American community.

Read the email below as posted on Wikileaks:



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