Vice President Biden Implies President Obama Will Talk of Debt During Visit to Greece

bidenU.S. President Barack Obama will raise the issue of debt relief during his visit to Greece in mid-November, implied Vice President Joe Biden at the end of an Oxi Day Foundation gala on Thursday evening in Washington.

The Vice President and his son Beau Biden (posthumously) received the Oxi Day Award for Courage during the foundation’s annual gala at the U.S. Institute of Peace

Reportedly, when asked whether the U.S. President will touch on the issue of Greek debt relief during his visit to Athens on November 15, Biden said he had an extensive lunch with the President on Thursday and added meaningfully. “I promise he will raise any relevant issue.”

The American Vice President spoke about the heroism of the Greeks in World War II, and underlined the special relationships he has developed with the Diaspora.

“I never found in my personal relationships any other group of people who are more loyal and courageous than Greeks,” the Vice President said and praised former Senator Paul Sarbanes with whom he cooperated closely in the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate and referred to the strong personal ties he has with other Greek Americans.

The Washington Oxi Day Foundation works to honor and inspire courage in the world today. “Oxi” (pronounced “ohee”) means “no” in Greek. It is the word that the Prime Minister of Greece used when Hitler’s Axis Forces demanded — at 3:00 am on October 28, 1940 — that Greece surrender. The courageous Greeks inflicted a wound that was instrumental to Hitler’s ultimate defeat. Their courage led Winston Churchill to say, “If there had not been the virtue and courage of the Greeks, we do not know which the outcome of World War II would have been.”