HALC Poll Shows Greek-Americans Have Considered the Issues and Are Voting for Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton presidentail elections 2016According to a poll by the Council of the Hellenic American Leadership (HALC) recently published in the weekly Greek newspaper Greek News, Greek-Americans strongly prefer democrat Hillary Clinton for their next President over republican rival, Donald Trump.

HALC conducted the survey following the second debate on October 12, and after the results of the 940 people polled from 48 different states showed that when asked if they “had to vote today,” 49.36 percent were revealed as Hillary Clinton supporters where as only 35.53 percent would vote for Donald Trump.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the poll results as HALC asked some great questions specific to the concerns of Greek-Americans in the U.S.

A Closer Look at the Issues

Clinton-Trump-Sanders-Question: If the presidential election were held today how would you vote?

Hillary Clinton (Democrat) 49.36%
Donald Trump (Republican) 35.53%
Gary Johnson (Libertarian) 3.30%
Jill Stein (Green Party) 3.94%
Another candidate 4.79%
Not voting 3.09%


Question: If a candidate issued statements/policies with positions on Greek issues, would you be more likely to support her/him?

Yes 68.32%
No 0.43%
Not a factor in decision 31.25%

Question: What candidate do you believe would be more supportive of the Greek economic crisis?

Hillary Clinton 42.30%
Donald Trump 28.09%
Neither 23.83%

Question: What candidate would be better for the refugee crisis?

Hillary Clinton 50.66%
Donald Trump 28.12%
Neither 13.68%

Question: What candidate would be better in general on Greek issues?

Hillary Clinton 42.87%
Donald Trump 27.73%
Neither 23.09%