F2T’s ‘Love, Chekhov, and the Magic Trunk’ Enchants Audience With Sold Out Performances!

lcmt3Founded by Greek artists Mantalena Papadatou and Fotis Batzas, F2T is a new company that is proving it is a goldmine of talent in the performing arts with sold out shows for its debut show Love, Chekhov, and the Magic Trunk.

This theatrical production played at the The Producer’s Club from Sep 30 to Oct 2 in New York City and is an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s original work by Fotis Batzas.

lcmt5-002According to their press release, F2T made a lasting impression on the art scene in Manhattan with stunning performances of the play that celebrates one of the company’s main focal points of expressing “intangible qualities of being human, our emotions and feelings, that are most important, not the physical bodies we live in,” as their website says.

The blockbuster weekend took place from September 30 through October 2 and the off-Broadway show sold out for three consecutive nights.

“We are overwhelmed by the strong and enthusiastic reception,” said Mantalena Papadatou, the co-founder and producer of the emerging company. “Such a response is extremely rare in such a competitive landscape and it augurs well for our future plans – which we’ve already set in motion.”

F2T's Company
Fotis Batzas

Fotis Batzas, the co-founder of F2T and director/playwright of the production commented, “Though we anticipated great interest, this surpassed our expectations. My only regret is that we didn’t book the space for multiple weekends.”

Mantalena Papadatou explained in a the press release that the creative team decided unanimously on Chekhov for the inaugural production.

“Chekhov deals with the perennial struggle between the sexes and the underlying need to be loved which is shared by all. While he is best known for his dramas – all of which contain richly comic elements – we were all eager to showcase his amazing comedies. Adding our own special twists made all work out fabulously!” she said.

F2T's Company
Mantalena Papadatou

Another factor that contributes to the company’s success is that is has international flare with talent from every corner on the planet.

“We come from all over the map,” says Mantalena, “Italy, France, Greece and of course from throughout the U.S. And we’ve all studied at conservatories worldwide — particularly in London and in New York. Several of us are graduates of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.”

Mantalena and Fotis are already focused on the next project. While the company’s name, F2T’s (Film, Theatre and Television) indicates that it will expand into other media, for the immediate future the focus will remain on the stage. “The first show revealed the magic inherent in theater. We knew it, the actors conveyed it, the audience welcomed it. For the moment, we need to dig deeper into that groove and see what will develop,” said Fotis.


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