Fletcher School Conference With Top Speakers Looks at ‘Greece’s Turn? Litmus Test for Europe’


The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in Boston is hosting a lecture, titled “Greece’s Turn? Litmus Test for Europe,” on Thursday and Friday, October 13-14. The event is hosted at the same institution where the Konstantinos G. Karamanlis Foundation has had its own chair since 2001. The event comes after seven consecutive years of recession, where Greece is at an inflection point, looking to emerge after its crisis of historic proportions and acquire stability.

The event plans to look at the ongoing bailouts, as well as the Eurozone’s own precarious economic and political situation and problems such as high unemployment, low inflation, structural issues and a refugee crisis. The conference looks at why the country has been held aloft, in defiance of warnings that the EU would crumble and how Greece is a pivotal indicator of the state of health and recovery for all of Europe.

The conference will include the participation of a number of keynote speakers to engage in debates and panel discussions and is being touted as one of the most timely Greek/Eurozone focused conferences in the United states at a time when Greece has reached its inflection point. For this reason, Fletcher School will examine the fundamentals, strengths and vulnerabilities of Greece from the perspectives of politics, business, investment and the economy, society and international relations while exploring the implications for the future of the Eurozone.

Participating in the conference is retired U.S. Navy admiral and Fletcher School Dean, James Stavridis, as well as faculty members such as Athens University Economics and Business Professor and former Greek finance minister George Alogoskoufis, international negotiation professor Diana Chigas, and others.

Keynote speakers include:


The event is free but those wishing to attend should reserve a seat in advance.