Watch Greek ‘Kings of Fireworks’ Take First Prize With Jaw-Dropping Show [Video]

nanos bros fireworksGreeks Pavlos and Fillipos Nanos have created the jaw-dropping firework show, “Explosion,” that recently lit up the skies over Cincinnati.

The show took place at the International Fireworks Competition where the two took first place.

Pavlos told ANA-MPA that winning the competition was “a great pleasure and honor to obtain an international distinction in art that we love.”

“Some Greeks from Ohio came to congratulate us personally and meet us after our victory,” he said.

The show saw some 20,000 spectators and the Greeks wowed the crowd with their brilliantly choreographed show by making “smart use of pyrotechnic materials, with appropriate spatiotemporal placements” and “made the world dance with fireworks,” Pavlos said. “We also introduced a new technology in pyrotechnic mapping, which can produce patterns with great precision in the sky by fireworks pixels,” he added.

Watch the amazing fireworks display that won over the competition!


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