‘Notias’ Opens 10th New York City Greek Film Festival

azxhykuxdv57f299ed72fcfDirector Tasos Boulmetis was the guest of honor at the opening of the 10th New York City Greek Film Festival on Thursday, when his latest film “Notias” was screened.

The acclaimed Greek filmmaker — who became internationally known with “A Touch of Spice” (Politiki Kouzina) that was shown in 40 countries — presented his new movie “Notias” (southern wind), which he wrote and directed.

Along with Boulmetis, actors Yiannis Niarros and Hara Mata Yannatou were applauded by the audience after the screening at the Metropolitan Museum.

Like “Politiki Kouzina” that mesmerized audiences and won the critics, “Notias” is a coming of age story taking place in Greece’s pivotal 60s, 70s and 80s. Stavros is a romantic boy growing up with the hopes, dreams and high expectations of a whole country. The film is peppered with important historical details from the three turbulent decades that shaped today’s Greece. The excellent soundtrack belongs to Evanthia Remboutsika.

After New York, “Notias” will head to Sao Paulo, Brazil for the Greek Film Week on October 6 and return to the U.S. on October 16 for the opening of the 13th San Francisco Greek Film Festival.