‘Notias’ Travels to the U.S. for the New York City Greek Film Festival

notias-inexarchiagr9_0The Greek film “Notias” by director Tassos Boulmetis travels to the American continent with the first stop in New York City.

Boulmetis is the director of the acclaimed “A Touch of Spice” (Politiki Kouzina), a movie that was met with great success in the box office and among critics as well

“Notias” (south wind) is a coming of age story taking place in Greece’s hectic 60s, 70s and 80s. Stavros is a romantic boy growing up with the hopes, dreams and high expectations of a whole country. The film offers important historical details of three turbulent decades that shaped today’s Greece. The script belongs to Boulmetis as well. Evanthia Remboutsika has written the music.

The cast includes Yiannis Niarros, Themis Panou, Maria Kallimani, Taxiarchis Hanos, Melanthi Mahout, Hara Mata Yannatou and Zozo Sapountzaki.

“Notias” will be shown on Thursday September 29, opening the New York City Greek Film Festival, at the Metropolitan Museum of New York. The director will attend the premiere.

On October 6, the film will be shown during Greek Film Week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, while on October 16 it will open the 13th Greek Festival of San Francisco, in the U.S., with Tasos Boulmetis also present. The film will also be shown in various American universities that offer Greek Studies programs.