Greeks Have Highest Completion Rate of Harvard MOOCs


More Greeks are enrolling in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) at Harvard than students from any other country. The statistics are from Mathesis, a stats agency at Crete University Press, that gathered data from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The report, “Evaluating Geographic Data in MOOCs,” by S.O. Nesterko et al found that there are more Greeks logging into Harvard courses in proportion to the country’s population. Greece also has the highest portion of successful completion of courses with 13.6 percent of students completing the course and receiving a participation certificate.

Greeks ranked in the top three when it came to completion of courses with Greece at 13.6 percent, Spain with 12.72 percent and Germany at 12.68 percent. The average completion rate is 4.3 percent.

There were 3,875 students from Greece participating at MOOCs courses at Harvard placing Greece ahead of other European countries. The second-highest participation rate was in Spain where there were 1,414 students per million inhabitants. There were 4,580 Greeks participating in a course over the last semester with the highest number of students from the United States (240,000), India (54,000) and Canada (22,000). In Europe, Spain has 10,600 students, followed by Britain with 8,000 students. There were a total of 3,582,360 students from 193 countries enrolled last July.

“The success of Greece at MOOCs at Harvard are yet another sample of a different Greece that insists and fights for a position in the world with self-confidence and hard work,” says Mathesis director, Stefanos Trahanas.