Greeks’ Theatrical Adaptation of Love, Comedy and Chekhov Playing in NY

f2ts-chekhovGreek founders Mantalena Papadatou and Fotis Batzas put together F2T’s Company to use the performing arts to unite people despite of differences, focusing on the “intangible qualities of being human, our emotions and feelings, that are most important, not the physical bodies we live in,” as their website says.

F2T's CompanyTheir latest theater production, Love, Chekhov and the Magic Trunk, is playing at the The Producer’s Club from Sep 30 to Oct 2 in New York City and is an adaptation by Fotis Batzas of Anton Chekhov’s original work.

F2T's CompanyAccording to a press release, the play is a “mixture of race and slapstick comedy (and) comments on the eternal struggle between men and women as seen by the eyes of Chekhov in the midst of the 20th century.”

For more information about Love, Chekhov and the Magic Trunk and other film, theater and television productions by F2T’s Company please see:


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