What to do and Where to Eat in Greektown, Chicago

greektown chi today with sears towerWant to spend an unforgettable afternoon visiting the Greektown neighborhood in Chicago? With so much going on, especially during the summer months, it is easy to lose yourself in the moment and actually think you have been transported to Greece! Let’s look at some of the fun, yummy and culturally educational things there are to do in Greektown.

Where to Eat

greektwn chi shopsThe Greektown neighborhood in Chicago offers everything in culinary delights from fancy dinning to fast-food diners, so really there is something for everyone. All along the main strip on Halsted street you will find Greek cafes, bakeries and restaurants mostly run by Greek families for generations. So why not sit down, eat a great meal and relax enjoying the spectacular views of the city skyline from Greektown? Let’s look at some top picks for great Greek restaurants in “the Chi’s” famous neighborhood.

  • Parthenon at 314 S Halsted St.
  • Roditys at 222 S Halsted St.
  • The Pan Hellenic Pastry Shop at 322 S. Halsted St.
  • Artopolis Bakery and Cafe at 306 S Halsted St.
  • Greek Islands at 200 S Halsted St.

What to do in Greektown

national-hellenic-museumBesides a great Greek meal in Greektown which is accompanied in many cases with live Greek music, you can stop in and see the exhibits celebrating Greek culture at the National Hellenic Museum to get you into the Greek spirit. You’ll find that they host special exhibits and have events for young children as well as adults that are not only fun but culturally educational as well. for more information check out their website: www.nationalhellenicmuseum.org

Greek_Parade_Chicago_2011_aWant more things to Do in Chicago’s Greektown?

There are always community activities and events taking place in Greektown, Check out the neighborhood’s website here for more information.


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