Interactive Display at Chicago’s National Hellenic Museum Explores Olympics of Ancient Times to Current Day Rio

Olympic Revival exhibition at the National Hellenic Museum
Olympic Revival exhibition at the National Hellenic Museum

There is a new interactive digital display at the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago that unveils the history of the Olympic Games from their beginning in Greece until current day Rio.

Technology has brought a new interactive book that allows visitors to learn not only about the detailed history of the Olympic games themselves, but also the impact of social movements and advances procured by the Olympics.

“The interactive book uses engaging photos and text to examine concepts of competition and excellence in ancient Greece and how the Olympics created unity within city-states,” Rena Lee, Director of Museum Experience said in a press release.

“The book also explores the modern Olympics, the impact of the civil rights movement, women in sports, the Paralympics, and how the Olympics foster global peace.”

The digital component will make its debut on Monday, August 9, and will be incorporated into the museum’s exhibit, Olympic Revival: The 1896 Olympic Games.

The exhibition is currently on loan to Chicago’s National Hellenic Museum from the Benaki Museum in Athens.

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