The Healthiest Greek Olive Oil: Premium Quality Organic, Biodynamic and Extra Virgin

olive groveA new trend is emerging in Greek olive oil production. Olive farmers are turning more and more to producing what is seen as premium organic olive oil, ultimately meaning that they are able to sell less product and make more profit.

Overall, farmers using biodynamic methods to boost the value of their olive oil products, particularly in regards to distribution in the health-conscious United States.

As farmers switch their organic olive groves to the more stringent, premium category of biodynamic, their markets have expanded as the methods have succeeded in creating a more sought-after, higher-quality product for which customers in markets outside of Greece and Europe are willing to pay a premium.

One farmer, Vasilis Dimas explained to that when he made the move to switch his organic groves to biodynamic, other farmers thought that he had lost his mind.

“They learned the chemical way of producing by spraying fields,” he said.

biodynamic olive oilThe process of creating certified biodynamic cultivated olive oil is extremely natural and involves leaving the process of producing perfect olives to nature.

The new trend of biodynamic farming centers around the respect for the natural and proper growth of plants and animals. Farmers use no fertilization, sprays and many times the olive trees are not even watered and rely solely on rain water and sun and Greece’s ideal climate. They also allow the fallen leafs of the tree to cover and naturally protect the soil below.