Greek American Woman Richer than Beyonce has a Rags-to-Riches Tale


Greek-American fashion mogul and author Sophia Amoruso, aged 31, has made Forbes‘ list of Richest Self-Made Women. The founder of Nasty Gal clothing retailer and author of the New York Times bestseller #GIRLBOSS is richer than Beyonce and also the second-youngest woman on the list after singer Taylor Swift.

In her rags to riches story, Amoruso went from making sandwiches and shoplifting to high-level meetings. Venture funds want to pour money in her ludicrous empire that is full of innovative and edgy aesthetics.

Nasty Gal has more than 550,000 customers in more than 60 countries. Based in Los Angeles, Amoruso originally began her business on Ebay before she turned it into a million-dollar franchise.

Forbes states that in 2015, Nasty Gal tripled its earnings in three years with a turnover of 300 million dollars.


  1. If she lived in Greece she would never have succeeded. Rather than working hard to grow her business she would have been taught to be anti-corporate. Instead of output she would hav been wasting her limited time on earth listening to hot air speeches by communist idiots agreeing with the shameless thieves that vote for them how they are entitled to everyone else’s hard earned money.

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