Pocket Theater Presents ‘Don Quixotes’ on June 9


Pocket Theater in Seattle, will present the incredible adventures of Don Quixote, narrated by two elves who travel in 16th century Spain and act most of the play’s roles.

On June 9 at 8:30 pm, Pocket Theater will be hosting an interactive play which creates a “firework” of images and reminds us of the story of a timeless hero who gives courage to all the dreamers who try to change the world to make it better. The “Don Quixotes” play, started in Crete Municipal and Regional Theater and continued with shows in schools all over Greece with the theater company Lamba. They also gave plays in Luxemburg and Alaska, and now for the first time they are landing in Seattle.

Glyka Stoiou from Greece and Caroline Wilcox, along with the direction of Rebecca Goldberg from the U.S., will make an inter-cultural experiment, by presenting the Stoiou’s play (an adaptation of Cervantes‘ original Don Quixote), while rehearsing via Skype.