A Must See, Anthony Quinn Art Exhibit at National Hellenic Museum Chicago

anthony quinn artAnthony Quinn was a prestigious actor who brought to life the unforgettable Zorba the Greek. However, acting was not the only creative outlet for the Irish-Mexican actor; he also designed jewelry, was a painter, and a created expressive sculptures.

His work is currently on display in Chicago at the National Hellenic Museum and will show until May 29. The exhibit, titled “Transcending Boundaries: The Art of Anthony Quinn,” displays more than 80 painting and sculptures from Quinn’s private collection.

Quinn was said to have used the visual arts as a means of escapism and found solace in his creations. “Art is my ethnicity,” said Quinn when speaking of his career. This is prevalent at the exhibit as his work depicts his love of diversity in cultures and celebrated his own unique Mexican-Irish background as well as his longstanding love and appreciation for Greece and the Greek people.

quinn-2Quinn’s gifts and talents have continued to have a profound influence on younger generations. In 2001 following his death, Quinn’s wife Katherine Quinn set up the Anthony Quinn Foundation. The Foundation is responsible for granting dozens of high school students scholarships for visual and performing arts programs that the students would not have been able to afford otherwise. Carrying on in her husband’s name, she is extremely enthusiastic about the foundation and the talents that the youth possess.“The talent that comes in is unbelievable, they’re painters, dancers, musicians, writers, media artists and they come from all over,” says Katherine Quinn.

Katherine Quinn will visit the exhibition at the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago on May 26 to highlight the mission of the Anthony Quinn Foundation as well as honor some of the scholarship recipients thus far.