‘Human Condition’ Photo Exhibition Features Greek Photographer Margarita Mavromichalis


“Human Condition”, a photography exhibition by seven internationally based artists presenting works that contemplate the world concerns of each artist, was presented at Umbrella Arts in New York City.

The subjects of each project varied, ranging from children at the Kangemi Primary School, Kenya to the Hellenic Coast Guard, Lesvos, Greece. However, each topic is tied together by a shared vision of compassion and unity held by the photographers.

One of the participating artists, Margarita Mavromichalis‬ said that “Lesvos is the biggest point of entry of the refugees in Greece and its residents have really seen their lives turned upside down. But beyond the upheaval that this crisis has brought to the whole country that was already suffering enough as it was, I would like to pledge my support to the Hellenic Coast Guard. Those men and women work tirelessly around the clock with very little means. They put their heart and soul in saving the lives of so many people in danger of drowning but sadly they are also the ones who are called to collect the bodies of those who were not fortunate enough to make it to dry land. And no one really talks about them.”

The proceeds of sales will be donated to a corresponding foundation dedicated to helping those in need. Photographers and their related charities include: Daniell L. Goldstein for ASFP, Jennifer Moon Kozlowski for RedUp, Dorothy Kerzner Lipsky for The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, Margarita Mavromichalis for the Hellenic Coast Guard, Pamela Padilla for Fundación Hogar Dulce Hoga, Sonal Shah for Kangemi Primary School,
and Ann Steiner for Arava Institute.