Greek Orthodox Priest Charged with Theft to Receive Plea Deal

DokosGreek Orthodox priest James Dokos, from Chicago, was accused of stealing 110,000 dollars from a church trust fund, in 2014. Now, almost two years later, a plea deal will be offered to the priest on February 22, one day before the trial was scheduled to commence.

Dokos was charged with stealing the money from a 1.2 million dollar fund he was in charge of on behalf of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Milwaukee. He was reported to have spent almost one tenth of the fund on himself, his family members and church officials.

Prosecutor David Robles, who is in charge of the case was not inclined on discussing details regarding the plea deal, while according to News Locker, Reverend Dokos declined to make any comments regarding the case.

Dokos has been placed on unpaid leave, after facing criminal charges. In an attempt to dismiss the case, the priest’s lawyers claimed that the case was a violation of religious freedom.

Meanwhile, the case has caused issues within the Greek Orthodox Church as the religious leaders of Chicago claim that Dokos used the funds properly and ousted a member of the Sts. Peter and Paul parish council who sought Dokos’ suspension.