Video: Here’s What Bernie Sanders Has to Say About Greece


Bernie Sanders has emerged as the presidential candidate who stunned American politics and the Democratic Party achieving (almost) a tie with Hillary Clinton at the first primary elections in Iowa.

But where does Sanders stand on the Greek crisis and Greece’s latest bailout? Speaking on July 30 in the Hart Senate Office Building at a hearing on the Greek debt crisis, Sanders had refered to the issue in detail.

“Instead of solving the problem, austerity, in my view, has made a bad situation much worse,” states Sanders, adding that “to ‘fix’ the problem, the troika wants Greece to borrow more money and make deeper cuts to wages, pensions and other social programs.”

Watch the video below:


  1. I love u Bernie but that’s not true, the Greeks had an opportunity in the second election to say no, and they went along with Tspiras.

    The Greeks were screwed by the banks however they all new the jig and kept voting for corrupted leaders. the Greek people have to shape up and also pay their taxes.

  2. He just points the finger and offers no real solution. He only continues with the same old rhetoric about how the rich oppress everyone and “income inequality” . He blames Goldman Sachs for the problem, without pointing out the fact that the very same socialist policies which he stands for actually got Greece in this mess in the first place.

  3. He blames the Germans, Goldman Sachs, the wealthy, etc. But fails to provide any solutions. More importantly, he fails to mention that the very same socialist policies he advocates are what got Greece in the mess in the first place. At some point, money must be available to pay for it all. Greece did no practice fiscal responsibility. They let the corrupt politicians get away with squandering the national treasure. But all that is in the past, what is his solution?

    • The right wing got Greece in the mess it is in today, the dinosaurs that were in charge along with Goldman Sachs, colluded to lie and enslave Greece to what is today the worst depression ever. Greek infants are born with $40,000 Euros in debt, a whole generation of Greeks have been sacrificed under the Austerity program initiated through the Brussels cartel under the direction of Germany. The more we understand the ponzi scheme that was forced onto Greece the more we know that predatory capitalism and the right wing Oligarchs are the only ones to benefit from Greece’s woes. This truly is a coup…as for the stigmas of those Greeks who believe we pay no taxes, or that the pensions are to high, or that we don’t work hard enough…I say Bullshit..!…all the southern European nations are in the same boat, only one nation in the EU Zone has a Plus in GDP..The German Republic…we cannot be, nor do we aspire to be Germans, we were lied to by corrupt politicians in the payroll of German corporate entities. The faster we leave the EU Zone the better we will be as a nation. It is better to take two or three steps backward than to be on our knees as slaves to the Brussels Cartel. Bring back the Drachma and the Republic of Greece..!!!!!!!

  4. Go! Go! Bernie… Bernie for Greek PM… Another communist/socialist hybrid that loves to give things away! and God knows, the Greek baby boomers cant get enough of FREE!

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