Greek-American Community Organizes $2,700 per Plate Fund Raising Event for Hillary Clinton

hillary_clinton1-300x260Prominent members of the Greek-American community from the tri-state area organized the first fundraising event for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to The fundraising event cost $2,700 per plate.

Naturally, Hillary Clinton in her remarks praised the Greek-American community and expressed her support for Greece’s cause — and then off she went a probably bigger fund-raising event.

It should be clear to the Greek-American community that American presidents serve U.S. strategic interests, not the interests of the nations of the various ethnic groups from which they seek votes during elections years.


  1. Did they ask her if she becomes president will she correct the horrendous mistakes of the Neo Con Presidency of the lunatic George W. Bush..?…will she reverse the insane criminal decision to steal Greek history (Macedonia), for Geopolitical gains?…will she honour the Historians from all over the world who sent in a petition to reverse this decision?…or will she just do what she does best..The status quo…GO BERNIE GO..!!

  2. If the Greekamerican Community Vote for Hillary Clinton we want an exchange for our national Decent.
    Hillary Clinton should reject the constitutional Hellenic name of the Neighbouring country with the Hellenic term Macedonia and recognise this Republic under the provisonal term of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, or simple – F Y R O M – Until a solution is found,implementation of the necessary reforms, promotion of and respect for good neighbourly relations, with Greece and the resolution of the name issue within the framework of the negotiations under the UN.
    Better late than never !!!

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