"Meet me in Paris" art exhibit by Greek-American Photographer Tina Psoinos in New York City

Tina Psoinos is a New York City-based, Greek-American artist, photographer and designer who will be presenting her work in New York this upcoming week.

Tina Psoinos Exhibit New York City

Tina’s latest exhibit: “Meet me in Paris”, is a compilation of projects that Tina has has been working on leading to her next series for her participation in the 4th Biennial of Fine Art Photography in Berlin in October 2016.

The body of work consists of six parts, seemingly unrelated to each other.

“Objects Quotidiens” (French title) is an ongoing project of familiar, everyday objects, photographed and fragmented while exploring scale, preserving what has already or will soon be obsolete. First piece of this series is the childhood favorite, “ViewMaster”. The first part of the series was initially shown in Photo Independent, in Los Angeles in 2014 – further works from the series will be presented at the Berlin Biennial. The Paintings are used as backdrops.

“Bobby’s dreams”, first shown at the WAH’s Dog exhibit late in 2015 was inspired by Tina’s childhood dachshund, Bobby, and referencing famous dogs by some of Tina’s favorite artists. In this exhibit shown are: Keith Haring, Jeff Koons and Banksy’s “dogs”. Objects from the second series have been resized, reprinted and now pasted on the paintings.

Her new series “3R” uses a collection of art crates and plywood from her last apartment renovation as the backdrop for her works from #2 – in the street art tradition – making a conscious effort to “mess up” and create wrinkles and tears as she goes along, often using multiple layers on top of each other until the desired look is achieved

tinaexhibit2“Angels” is an on going project experimenting with multitudes – here of a female form – in subtle variations of exposure and singular details. Angel #1 was first shown at a benefit for SVQF in 2010 in NY and part of the series will be on display during The Vagina Monologues show at Broadway Comedy Club in NY this February, followed by an auction benefiting Madre.org

Tina has been a passionate admirer of street art, spotting her favorites around every city she visits, documenting their ephemeral and ever changing nature. She has been a firm supporter of saving earth’s resources through recycling, reusing and re-purposing, translating found objects into art.

The exhibit “Meet me in Paris” takes place in NYC’s Chelsea 601 Artspace on Friday, January 29, 2016 between 6:00 and 8:00 pm.

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