A solution for Snoring and Apnea by Greek Surgeon ENT

Dr. Alexios Vardouniotis
Dr. Alexios Vardouniotis

“We welcome you…an ENT surgeon is a doctor who deals with almost every human sense and the organs that serve these senses, as he examines hearing, balance, smell and taste, additionally to the ear, nose, pharynx and larynx,” Dr. Alexios Vardouniotis explains on his website.

He is one of many Greek born doctors who are becoming global and international in their profession, as a result of the Greek economic crisis.

An interesting article on a “Solution for snoring and apnea” appears on his page.

According to Dr. Alexios Vardouniotis: “If you suffer from snoring during your sleep…or if you suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (you suffer from cessation of breathing besides snoring when asleep), there is a way to treat your condition. With the use of a special generator that produces radio frequency waves and a very fine tip the problem of snoring can be corrected, by tissue volume reduction of the soft palate” .

The process is simple, as in initially applying a local anesthetic to the soft palate and after approximately ten minutes further injecting some local anesthetic. The bipolar probe for the soft palate is then inserted at five different points and each time, after the placement of the probe, radio-frequency (RF) energy is applied for five seconds as shown in the photograph.

The method is practically painless and almost bloodless since nothing is cut or removed, the tissues are not destroyed but their volume is reduced, it is done without general anesthesia.

In this way you can rest easier and assist in helping family members around you sleep better too!


Dr. Vardouniotis is located at St. Basil Square – Cyprus 1 – Tripoli. For more information, email Dr. Vardouniotis at [email protected].