Unlock the Greek Soul at ‘Sergiani in Epirus’ Culture Events


Epirotes and Greek benefactors have organized 3 events in Philadelphia, New York and Baltimore to benefit 2016 Epirus. “Epirotes Sing for Epirus at the ‘Sergiani (Epirotan music and dance) for Epirus,'” explained Mr. Paul Kotrotsios, MBA, Founder & President of Hermes Expo International & the Hellenic News of America. “Three culture events are being sponsored by the Mid Atlantic Greek American Foundation (MAGAF) and the Hellenic News of America to support institutions in Epirus. Join us to enjoy Music and Greek cuisine for a worthy cause to help the orphans and elders of Epirus, Greece. Three events will be hosted at the following locations: Philadelphia, Friday, January 15, 6:30 p.m., Concordville Inn, Rt.1 South & Rt .322, Concordville, Pa, 6:30 pm; New York, Saturday, January 16, Kefalos Society of America, Inc., 20-41 Steinway St., Astoria, NY and Baltimore & DC Area, Sunday, January 17, Ikaros Restaurant, 4900 Eastern Ave., Baltimore, MD.”

“In the last few years, the economic crisis has affected many of our compatriots in Greece. Among them are organizations that support many needy people in Epirus. I was in Greece for the one year memorial of my father. My mother told me that they visited orphanages and senior citizen facilities every month with needed supplies, food and clothes. ‘We want you, Paul, to continue our philanthropic work.’ My parents inspired me in this project. Some of the supporting organizations include: Heritage Museum of Epirus: Hellenic Teachers and Paideia Organization; Ionian Politistiki; Odysseus; Kefalos and other organizations,” Kotrotsios said.

He gave the details that “the MAGAF and the Hellenic News of America will undertake the responsibility to organize these events, with the aim to collect funds and support five specific organizations that will benefit Epirotes’ need. Music of EPIRUS, performed by renowned singers Savvas Siatras, Stavros Theodorou, clarinet players George Bezanis and Christos Haliyiannis, under the auspices of George Rabos’ Orchestra will give us an insight in the soul of the Epirotan Akrites, the border champions of Hellenism. We are moved and thank all of them, for the donation of their exceptional talents. The entrance fee will be at the $75 pp donation and $750 for a table of 10 people. Our goal is to raise $50,000 that will be distributed to the following organizations: The Orphanage and Elderly House in Konitsa, the Orphanage ‘Kivotos’ in Pogonianni, the Iera Moni Sosinou in Parakalamos, the Cultural Society Demos Pogoniou and the Orphanage of Deropolis in Northern Epiros.”


Kotrotsios stated: “We are calling upon all Epirotes and their friends, Hellenes and Philhellenes, Greek-Americans and Americans, all the heads and Boards of the organizations to help us make a difference in Epirus. Please get in touch with us or any of the Committee Members listed below and declare your level of support. All Donations will be published for transparency. In addition, Participation to the team that will travel to Greece to distribute the funds is open to everyone; all members will provide their own expenses. A full report will be given at the end and can be viewed on the web. Please consider attending and if you cannot attend, please consider donating. We hope to see you at our fundraising events.”

Many philanthropists are involved in this effort. For a tentative list of donors, please visit https://www.facebook.com/HellenicNews/photos/a.257506354359696.51535.110528075724192/877750729001919/?type=3& or contact [email protected]. This unique event coincides with the 25th Anniversary of Hermes Expo. In 2017, The Hellenic News of America will celebrate its 30th Anniversary.


Epirus best export was its people: immigrants with a strong work effort, patriotism and honor code. The events’ organizers are Benefactors in the same spirit as their ancestors Evangelos Zappas, statesman Arsakis, Tositsas, the builder of the Athens Polytechnic Institute, Evangelos and Georgios Averoff.  Their financial funding was astronomical. Together with Hellenes and their friends, the Epirotes will host three memorable philanthropic events. They are continuing the tradition of giving back to society.

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