Yanni’s Egypt Concert to Broadcast on US TV


Greek composer Yanni, one of the greatest New Age composers in the world, made his Egypt debut in October thus fulfilling a lifelong dream of his to perform by the Great Pyramids in Cairo.

His two-day concert (October 30-31) made headlines, not only because of his well-known name but also because he and his orchestra put on an extravagant show.

In March 2016, Yanni’s fans will be able to watch the concert, titled “Yanni: The Dream Concert — Live from the Great Pyramids of Egypt,” on the US public broadcaster PBS.

The concert-video that will be broadcasted is a recording of Yanni’s first appearance in Cairo, including his landing at Cairo airport, his visits at historical sites in the city and of course the concert itself.

At the time of Yanni’s visit in Egypt,  Egyptians took to social media complaining about Yanni’s overly-priced tickets. One of the purposes behind his concert (and turning it into a short film) was to promote tourism in Egypt.

Yanni described his Cairo concert as “a message of peace and love from Egypt to the world.”

On January 29th, Yanni will be releasing a new album, “Sensuous Chill,” which will include a track with a bhangra (a type of popular music combining Punjabi folk traditions with Western pop music) touch, this is an energetic dance music.

The artist will promote his new release in a scheduled tour across North America, starting February 2 in Sarasota, Florida.