Greek-American AKTINA FM Launches New Morning Show

tsaligopoulouNew York’s highly rated Greek American bilingual radio show AKTINA FM is expanding its weekly broadcasts with a new morning edition. The new Greek American News and Entertainment Morning Show will feature the latest news from around the world, less talk and plenty of entertainment with the finest selections of music and songs to start the day.

It is an extension of AKTINA FM’s already established and highly rated programs airing since 1993 on WNYE 91.5FM and online on the website The show has been scheduled to air every Saturday from 8am to 9am, followed by the afternoon edition from 3:30pm to 8pm and 1:30pm to 6pm on Sundays.

Furthermore, AKTINA has also organized as a one of a kind concert at the Kaye, with Eleni Tsaligopoulou, one of the most dynamic and leading voices of Greece, who will make her debut personal performance in the U.S., accompanied by her band Bogaz Musique. This new musical journey presented by AKTINA Productions, from its acclaimed series GREEK MUSIC JOURNEY (GMJ) and produced by Elena Maroulleti will revive the renowned Rembetika (Greek blues), Laika (popular folk), Traditional and Contemporary-folk which stand as pillars in the Greek music repertoire and which Tsaligopoulou serves most notably for over three decades.

Eleni Tsaligopoulou launched her singing career in 1985 while studying music in Thessaloniki. Since then she has collaborated in live performances and also recorded with almost all leading songwriters and composers of Greece including the legendary Manos Hadjidakis (Never on Sunday), George Zikas, Stamatis Spanoudakis and others. In recent years Tsaligopoulou has also been writing songs and music. She excels with her distinct voice, her talent of bringing together the different representative styles of Greek music and for her dynamic stage presence. Her band is comprised by some of the most renowned musicians and soloists with whom she collaborates for over two decades.

The upcoming and long-awaited debut performance of Eleni Tsaligopoulou and Bogaz Musique at the Kaye is not to be missed! For more information email [email protected] or visit,


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