Greek Gods to Be Adorned With Native American Masks in Washington

Gregorio Martínez, Prometheus Bound, c. 1590
Gregorio Martínez, Prometheus Bound, c. 1590

A new highly stylized production will bring the poetic masterpiece of ancient Greek tragedian Aeschylus, “Prometheus Bound,” to life at the Philip Tarro Theatre, in Washington, USA.

The performance, which is overseen by Damond Morris, director of the drama department at Skagit Valley College, following Henry David Thoreau’s translation, will be about Greek mythology’s undisciplined figure Prometheus.

According to ancient Greek myths and legends, Prometheus was a titan who suffered eternal punishment by Zeus, after he challenged the power of the Olympian gods gifting mankind with fire stolen from Mount Olympus.

Philip Tarro Theatre, Skagit Valley College
Philip Tarro Theatre, Skagit Valley College

Commonalities between Greek culture and Native American culture led Damond Morris and his team to give one of the oldest stories in Western culture an interesting twist.

In Morris’ “Prometheus Bound,” gods will appear to lament the suffering of the hero, adorned not in robes but in Pacific Northwest Native American masks.


“Prometheus Bound”
November 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 2015| 7:30pm & November 22, 2015  |2:00pm
Philip Tarro Theatre
2405 E College Way, Skagit Valley College Campus, Mount Vernon WA 98273
$10 general, $5 students, free for SVC students